Users can create a wallet or login after authenticating social login. When a user successfully performs the social login, the user will proceed to join FaceWallet if the user is not already a member or will login.


Users can sign up and create a FaceWallet through social login.


Users can use social login to login with a device they signed up with or which they have logged in with before.

After a user completes social login verification, the user can use the wallet.

Login (New Device)

Users can log in with new devices through social login and PIN code verification.

Enter the PIN code if the user set the PIN code.

After a user completes social login and PIN code verification, the user can use the wallet.

PIN code Setting

Users who create a FaceWallet will be guided to set up a PIN code. Once the PIN code is set, they will be required to enter the PIN code when logging in on a new device, performing important actions such as transaction transfers and message signing.

Users set up a PIN code and perform SMS OTP authentication. SMS OTP is required as a recovery method for users to reset their PIN code in case they forget it.

Once the PIN code has been configured, users can use FaceWallet by logging in through social login and entering the PIN code.

Account Integration

Account Integration

Account Integration

Account Integration

If different dapps use different social logins, users may need to create and use multiple Facewallet accounts. To allow users to use different Dapps with the same wallet, we support account integration.

For example, if you create a wallet with Social Login A and then log in to Face Wallet with Social Login B, we will consolidate your account so that you can use your existing wallet with Social Login B instead of creating a new wallet when you have the same email address.

Users will need to perform email verification each time they integrate a new social login for account consolidation.