Social Login + External Wallet

Social Login + External Wallet Modal for easy wallet integration

The Social Login + External Modal is an all-in-one package for wallet integration. It includes a brief explanation of a wallet to onboard the non-Web3 gamer, the social login-powered FaceWallet, as well as a selection of external wallets for gamers already familiar with Web3 wallets, such as Metamask. This ensures a wallet UI that accommodates all potential users from Web2 gamers with no previous background in blockchain to Web3 gamers who already engage with pre-existing solutions. This ensures that developers can implement our wallet solution with relative ease.

Social Login (FaceWallet)

When users choose any social login, they will be connected through FaceWallet with their chosen social login.

MetaMask (External Wallet)

When the user chooses MetaMask, the MetaMask extension will be opened. Selecting a MetaMask account to use will link the chosen MetaMask wallet to the user's account.

WalletConnect (External Wallet)

When a user chooses WalletConnect, the WalletConnect QR code modal will be opened. The user can connect their wallet by scanning the QR code from the wallet service they want to connect.