The connect() method brings up a modal window that allows you to connect to Face Wallet or external wallets.

import { ConnectedWallet } from '@haechi-labs/face-types';

const connectedWallet: ConnectedWallet = await kit.connect();

If the user is already connected to a wallet and the wallet is authorized, connect() method returns the ConnectedWallet directly without displaying the modal. Therefore, you can use the isConnected() method and the connect() method to implement auto-connect.

const isConnected: boolean = await kit.isConnected();

if(isConnected) {
  const connectedWallet = await kit.connect();


connect(): Promise<ConnectedWallet>;

You can access the Wagmi Connector object through its return value.

const wagmiConnector = connectedWallet.connector;

const account = wagmiConnector.getAccount();

For more type information, see the Wallets documentation.


The isConnected() method checks if the last connected wallet exists and if the wallet is authorized.

const isConnected: boolean = await kit.isConnected();


isConnected(): Promise<boolean>;


The disconnect() method disconnects the wallet connected via Kit.

await kit.disconnect();


disconnect(): Promise<void>;