What is FaceWallet?

FaceWallet is a non-custodial wallet SDK that reproduces the Web2 experience in Web3 promoting a safe and easy onboarding experience into the blockchain sphere for non-Web3 users.

With the in-app wallet interface, users can interact with the blockchain without ever leaving the application. Developers can use FaceWallet to quickly integrate secure wallets with relevant applications. In place of difficult concepts like seed phrases or private keys prevalent in existing wallet solutions, users can effortlessly enjoy blockchain functions through familiar social login methods and PIN code signatures.

Why FaceWallet?


The wallet creation process requires no step. Just social login, then create a wallet.

Also, user can set up PIN code for using the wallet more safe. After set up PIN code to use and verify SMS OTP, user can use PIN code for using Facewallet. With a Web2-like experience, users need not worry about saving a backup kit, or difficult concepts like seed phrases and private keys.


Signing transactions on Facewallet is done through PIN codes. Importantly, the Facewallet team does not have access to these PIN codes, so the team cannot misappropriate users’ assets. Sensitive data associated with the key is deleted immediately after the transaction is signed. For more information on the above, please see Key Management Architecture.