[June 19, 2023] Policy Changes for 2FA, loginWithAccessToken for Twitter/Discord, Face Wallet Plugin on Aptos Wallet Adaptor

[Face Wallet SDK for Web] Latest Version: v1.10.5
[Face Wallet SDK for Unity] Latest Version: v1.3.13
[Face Wallet SDK for React Native] Latest Version: v1.7.1

[All] Policy Changes for 2FA

The policy for 2FA settings, as outlined in the previous Zero-step Sign-up Update, has been modified as follows:

  • Previously: Wallet users could perform transactions and sign messages without a PIN code or a 2FA configuration.
  • Now: Wallet users will now be required to set up a PIN code and enable 2FA for the following actions:
    • Performing transactions within the app.
    • Signing messages (e.g., personal_sign, signTypedData, etc.).
    • Transferring funds from the Wallet Home.
    • Swapping/Converting from the Wallet Home.
  • Reference Doc: 2FA Configuration User Flow

With easy onboarding and enhanced security measures, Face Wallet has been updated to provide users with a more secure and convenient experience.

[All] Resuming Support for Twitter Login (loginWithAccessToken)

Twitter login functionality on Face Wallet has been reinstated after a temporary interruption caused by the Twitter API update and the discontinuation of Twitter OAuth 1.1 support. Users can once again enjoy the convenience of logging in with their Twitter accounts in any environment that supports loginWithAccessToken.

[Web SDK] Support for Discord loginWithAccessToken

Discord social login now supports loginWithAccessToken functionality similar to loginWithIdToken. Discord does not support OIDC, so you can use Discord's Access token instead of an ID token to sign in with the same UX as loginWithIdToken.

More information about loginWithAccessToken can be found here.

[Web SDK] Support for Face Wallet Plugin on Aptos Wallet Adaptor

The Face Wallet Plugin is now compatible with Aptos-labs' Aptos Wallet Adaptor, which allows for seamless integration with various wallets. With the Face Wallet Plugin supported on the Aptos Wallet Adaptor, users can now choose Face Wallet to effortlessly create a wallet through social login.