[July 10, 2023] Device Registration, User Insights, Reset Phone Number, HOME Verse

[Face Wallet SDK for Web] Latest Version: v1.10.6
[Face Wallet SDK for Unity] Latest Version: v1.3.14
[Face Wallet SDK for React Native] Latest Version: v1.7.2

[All] Device Registration & Secondary Authentication

For using the wallet more securely, the device registration and secondary authentication are applied to Face Wallet.

When using Face Wallet, you'll choose whether the device you're logged into is registered or one-time sign-in. In registered devices, users can use the wallet without the secondary authentication; however, In the one-time sign-in devices, users must perform the secondary authentication every 10 minutes to use the wallet. APIN code recovery option is used for the secondary authentication.

For more information, please refer to here.

[Dashboard] User Insights

User Insights feature is now in beta, allowing you to see information about Face Wallet users connected to your app.

You can see the total number of Face Wallet users connected to your app, their country distribution, wallet information for each user, and more.

Learn more about the User Insights in here.

(This feature requires a KYB process. Please check the KYB via Dashboard.)

[All] Support for changing the phone number

You can change your phone number used as a PIN code recovery option. To change your phone number registered in Face Wallet, you need to perform the procedure below.

  1. Perform email verification.
  2. Enter the previously used phone number.
  3. Register and verify the new phone number.

For more information, please refer to here.

[Web SDK] HOME Verse support

Now, Face Wallet supports HOME Verse blockchain network.

[All] Resuming Twitter support in the modal

Now, resume the support for Twitter Social Login in the Face Wallet modal.

[Web SDK] 3rd Party Cookie

Face Wallet can now be available in browsers with 3rd party cookie blocking.

[Web SDK] SDK CDN release

Now, the Face Wallet SDK for Web is also deployed via CDN. You can now import the SDK from the CDN.

For more information, please refer to here.