[Aug 28, 2023] On-ramp, Signature to Verify the Login Response, EIP-1193, Yooldo Verse Blockchain Network

[Face Wallet SDK for Web] Latest Version: v1.10.13
[Face Wallet SDK for Unity] Latest Version: v1.3.15
[Face Wallet SDK for React Native] Latest Version: v1.7.5

[All] Support for On-ramp

Now, Face Wallet supports the On-ramp feature. User can buy a crypto with a fiat.

There are three ways for users to use the On-ramp feature. First, user can buy the crypto when he/she has insufficient crypto in the In-app transaction modal. Second, user can buy the crypto in the Home modal. At last, you can integrate a modal called "Buy Modal". Then, user can buy the crypto through Face Wallet directly.

See this link for more details about the Buy Modal.

[All] Signature to Verify the Login Response

A way to verify that the SDK response is really sent by the Face Wallet server is added.

The userVerificationToken value is included to the SDK response when calling the login function. This is a JWT token that can be used to verify the signature with the public key from the Face Wallet Server's API.

See this link for more details.

[Web SDK] Support for EIP-1193

Now, Face Wallet SDK follows EIP-1193.

[Web SDK] Support for Yooldo Verse

Now, Face Wallet supports Yooldo Verse blockchain network.